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Plywood and cedar strip canoe plans, books and videos, and hard to find materials.
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Building and Restoration of Wooden and Canvas Canoes
Order wooden and canvas canoes from Northwoods Canoe Company, Maine's premiere wooden canoe manufacturer
Northwoods Canoes
Paddle kits and plans, materials, books and videos for the wood canoe enthusiast

Individually constructed, fine, white Maine cedar ribbed canoes.Our award winning canoes (see below) are individually constructed to your requirements and are unsurpassed in quality and attention to detail.

The ultimate canoeing experience is reserved for those few who paddle the traditional wood and canvas canoe. No other material is so long lasting and completely restorable after generations of use, can be constructed with such fine lines, and is so responsive to paddle and pleasing to the eye. At Northwoods Canoe Company we offer many different models of wood and canvas canoes. Each is painstakingly constructed using the finest Maine white cedar for ribs and planking, white spruce for the rails, and ash for decks, thwarts and seats. The completed hull is treated with oils and preservatives before being covered with select U.S. Grade #10 canvas, which is then filled with our own special filler.

View our 12 different wooden canoe models
Durable spar varnish is applied to the well-sanded interior and first quality marine enamel, available in all popular colors, finishes the exterior. All screws, tacks, stem and and other fastenings are marine grade brass or bronze.

Get a Marine Grade Brass Personalized Name PlateWhile we strictly adhere to traditional construction methods and material, certain options are available to satisfy individual requirements. These include: mahogany or cherry rails, thwarts and seats, sailing rigs, half ribs, special light weight models, durable and attractive shellac bottom paint, two-tone paint, outside stems, keels, and hand caned seats. Please inquire about any additional options or additions that you may desire for your canoe.

The characteristics that impart a certain canoe design with styling and desirable handling qualities have been developed and refined over all the centuries of the craft's existence. No canoe can do everything well, but some designs are far more versatile than others. The models offered here are based upon proven canoes of traditional design from an era when professional woodsmen and guides depended upon them for their livelihoods and very survival. However, I do not believe anyone using these boats will find anything old-fashioned or outdated about their performance.

Many different options and color combinations are available for all models.

 Examples of additional options:
  + Mahogany or other hardwood 

     trim package: $150
  + Two tone paint: $175
  + Keel: $100
  + Outside stems: $125
  + Floor rack: $250

  + Half ribs: $195

  + Trim rails: $225

  + Extended decks: (custom 


Write or call for more information or for a photo album showing these choices.

A $300 deposit is required upon order of all new canoes, balance due upon completion. Shipping of canoes can be arranged at cost by general freight.

All boats are worked on in the order which deposits are recieved. Completions are running approximately 24 months from the time of deposits.



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Canoe Models
VoyagerVoyager, - 20 ft
Built in the traditional style of the famous Maine Grand Lake Stream canoes only larger, the Voyager was designed by Maine Guide Mick Fahey to carry heavy loads on large and windy lakes. More>
A wide array of canvas and wooden canoes and kayaks. Square Stern KingfisherKingfisher, Square Stern - 15 ft.
The Kingfisher is out of date. It's not a speed boat, it can't pull a water skier, it has no onboard electronic equipment. It's a throwback to the Maine tradition of square-stern fishing canoes. More>
The Historic B.N. MorrisHistoric B.N. Morris - 17 ft.
- Classic Model 34-A Type III
- Half Scale Model (for display): 8'-6'
- Quarter Scale Model, (Salesman's Model): 4'-3'
The CheemaunCheemaun, - 15 ft.
The Cheemaun, 15 will serve tandem paddlers very handily on short trips and for day paddling, but is also good for the solo wilderness traveler. More>
Atkinson TravelerAtkinson Traveler, - 17 1/2 ft.
- Classic Scale Model
- Extra-Deep, Expedition Model
Modeled after the famous guide canoes used initially by professional guides with their "sports" but soon adopted by serious sportsmen and wilderness travelers alike. More>
The E.M. WhiteE.M. White, - 14 ft.
This 14 foot pack canoe was originally developed by the historic E.M. White Canoe Company. A pack canoe can be easily "packed" into remote areas and has the stability needed by hunters and fishermen. More>
Medford ExplorerMedford Explorer, - 16 ft.
The Medford Explorer 16, comes from the tradition of the great Canadian traveling canoes. Because Canada has so many portages and fast deep rivers, their traveling canoes tended to be shorter and deeper than those developed in the northeastern United States. More>
American BeautyAmerican Beauty, - 13 ft.
The American Beauty is a smaller version of the popular 17 1/2 foot Atkinson Traveler. In keeping with its Maine Guide canoe lineage, the Beauty is an excellent all-purpose canoe. More>
Indian GirlIndian Girl, - 16ft.
The famous canoe designer/builder J.H. Rushton, introduced the Indian Girl model in 1902. To quote Mr. Rushton, "The Indian Girl is strong, light, safe though speedy, graceful yet seaworthy." More>
SkimmerSkimmer, - 11 ft.
- Solo wood & Canvas
- All Wood
- Kayak
A lightweight, solo sport canoe, ideally suited for just messing around with.
The Historic B.N. MorrisHistoric B.N. Morris - 15 ft.
The Morris canoes built in Veazie, Maine from the 1880's to 1920 are considered to be some of the finest wooden canoes ever built.
WhisperWhisper, - 10 ft.
In the tradition of the short "trapper" or "pack canoes," Whisper provides a small-waters explorer with easy portability, stability, and maneuverability. More>
Canoe restoration, kits, materials, plans and images.

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