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 The Atkinson Traveler 17 1/2 Foot

The famous Atkinson Traveler 17 foot canoe The Atkinson Traveler 17.5 foot canoe The Atkinson Traveler 17.5 foot canoe
 Traveler Specifications:
  ~ Length......... 17 1/2 ft.
  ~ Depth.......... 13"
  ~ Beam........... 35 5/8"
  ~ Bow Height..... 24 3/8"
  ~ Weight......... 75 lbs.

  Price - $4200

Deep Trav. Specifications:
  ~ Length......... 17 1/2 ft.
  ~ Depth.......... 14" or 15"
  ~ Beam........... 35 5/8"
  ~ Bow Height..... 24 3/8"
  ~ Weight......... 80 lbs.

  Price - $4600

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The Atkinson Traveler, 17 1/2 is modeled after the famous guide canoes used initially by professional guides with their "sports" but soon adopted by serious sportsmen and wilderness travelers alike. The Traveler boasts a generous carrying capacity, a handsome yet relatively low profile, a fine entry for speed yet ample buoyancy in the quarters and amidships. The modest rocker allows quick maneuvering in rapids, while the overall length makes straight tracking on the lakes possible even without the addition of a keel.

For the serious traveler or for those who want extra floatation, the Traveler also comes in an extra deep model, with a depth of 14" or 15". The overall appearance and shape of the canoe is not altered.

"The Atkinson Traveler is a 17 1/2 ft. canoe that blends the best features of the 18 and 20 ft. E.M. White models into a remarkable winderness canoe of grace and function."
- Garrett Conover, Maine Guide and Author of Beyond the Paddle

"The wood/canvas Atkinson Traveler amounts to nothing less than floating sculpture."
Backpacker Magazine

 "Easy to paddle even when loaded"
- Telos Wallace age 3, West Branch Penobscot River near Big Island.



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