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 The Cheemaun 15 Foot

 Cheemaun Specifications:
  ~ Length......... 15 ft.
  ~ Depth.......... 12"
  ~ Beam........... 35"
  ~ Bow Height..... 20 1/2"
  ~ Weight......... 62 lbs.

  Price - $3500

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The Cheemaun advenurer canoe The Cheemaun 15 foot canoe The Cheemaun 15 foot canoe

The Cheemaun, 15 will serve tandem paddlers very handily on short trips and for day paddling, but is also good for the solo wilderness traveler.

Cheemaun's volume allows such an adventurer plenty of space and buoyancy for a complete outfit - often absent in solo canoes, and the straight keel line makes straight tracking an easy matter. The relatively flat bottom affords the paddler an opportunity to explore the shallow streams feeding into a waterway, and likewise provides the stability necessary for safely carrying young passengers, and for poling.

Popular options for the Cheemaun include an 18" extended deck, rounded coaming, and an outside rub rail finished in bright mahogany which accents the hull shape and separates the top and bottom paint.

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