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 The Whisper 10 Foot

 Whisper Specifications:
  ~ Length......... 9' 8 1/2"
  ~ Depth.......... 11 1/2"
  ~ Beam........... 33 3/4"
  ~ Bow Height..... 16 1/2"
  ~ Weight......... 35 lbs.

  Price - $2600

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The short trapper, Whisper 10 footer

In the tradition of the short "trapper" or "pack canoes," Whisper provides a small-waters explorer with easy portability, stability, and maneuverability. The small pond fly fisherman and waterfowler will especially appreciate these qualities, and when kept at camp, this canoe will be the one most frequently chosen by young beginner paddlers for pure water fun and safety.

Standing and poling the Whisper is an exceptional experience. It is so stable you find yourself walking and turning around just as if you were on the ground. The Whisper is one of the few canoes that allow you to plant your pole and turn 360 degrees without removing the pole or shifting your feet.

Although small, the Whisper can still carry two adults and be enjoyable to use and paddle.

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