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 Wood Canoe Building Restoration Classes

For those people wishing to have a more hands-on experience with the building / restoration of their canoe, I can offer both group and private classes. All classes accommodate all ages of adults of any skill level. All you need is the interest and enthusiasm.

Group and private classes in wood canoe building and restoration.Group Classes
For new building or restoration are taught through the Wooden Boat School at their excellent sea coast facility in Brooklin, Maine. Most of their classes are held in the summer. They occasionally hold winter classes in various locations throughout the United States.

Building a New Canoe Group Class generally consists of five to ten individuals building one or two canoes in a six-day class. At the end of the week, a lottery determines who will be able to keep the canoe for just the added cost of materials.

Group Restorations classes at the Wooden Boat School are highly individualized and unique in that the students are able to work exclusively on their own canoe which they bring to class to work on. The six day class is limited to seven boats. They can be any style of wooden boat. Students work under my instruction, but the work is strictly the students'. No guarantee can be given as to how much the student will accomplish. I do work hard to insure as much quality work as possible can be accomplished in the limited time.

Private Classes
I conduct private Building and Restoration classes at my shop in Atkinson. To insure individual attention there are no more than two students in any given class.

Building Class
For the building class, the student may choose from among any of my canoe designs to build their own canoe that they take home at the conclusion of the class. Cost depends on the model of the canoe built and the length of class time. I will work directly with the students to provide instructions and to oversee all their work to insure a quality canoe. I work on the canoe with the student as much, or as little as needed so that it is guaranteed that the boat is finished by the end of the course. The canoe is completed to a point where only finish paint and varnish will need to be applied once the canoe is taken home.

A six-day building class is just enough time to complete the canoe with me working with you. To accomplish this, many of the materials will be prepared before the class begins.

Restoration Class
For the six-day private Restoration Class the students bring their own boats to work on. The boat can be any style and condition. I will work with the student full time to insure a proper job is accomplished. Because of unknown factors such as the student's skills and the difficulty of the boat, I can not guarantee to what degree the boat will be finished. It is certainly my aim to have the work completed to a level where the student will have no trouble doing any finish work at home.

Rolland Thurlow and Peter Wallace will help you learn to build a wooden canoeAt my shop the student will experience the full range of wooden boat activity, from unloading lumber, exploring the wide variety of craft at the shop and deciding whose turn it is to bring in the firewood! The atmosphere is light, friendly and hopefully educational. Shop assistant, Peter Wallace, will be working on normal shop projects and will be available to help us out working on your boat as needed. The normal workday is from 8 am to 5 PM with an hour for lunch, which is provided at the shop. Students will need to provide their own accommodations, breakfast and dinner. The town of Dover-Foxcroft is about five miles from the shop. There are several motels, bed and breakfasts and an excellent State Park for campers in the area. Information on these facilities can be sent to you as needed.

For all classes all the materials, hardware, wood and tools are provided by my shop. Different woods such as mahogany, cherry and oak can be substituted as desired and sail rigs designed at an additional cost. There is no additional cost for any of the shop equipment and tools.

The shop does have standard liability insurance, however as a student , you MUST provide your own accident/health insurance and sign a liability waiver before classes begins. Standard safety precautions are taken in the shop, and NO student is required to operate any machinery or use any tool that they do not feel comfortable with, or that I determine that they are qualified to work with. It is important for you to be safe than to complete any single operation that Peter and I are completely able and ready to complete for you.

 Tuition Schedule

Group Restoration Classes
All group classes are scheduled and fees set by the Wooden Boat School, Box 78, Brooklin, Maine 04616 at 207-359-4651 for a complete brochure on these and other wooden boat building classes.

Private Classes
Private classes are scheduled through out the year except June through August. No more than one class per month and only one class at a time will be scheduled, unless special arrangements are made in advance. A $500 deposit is required 30 days in advance of the start of the class, balance due at the beginning of the class. Students are welcome to bring a helper or assistant for an additional $400. Class schedules can be rearranged with a 30 day advance agreement. The standard class is ten days, however sometimes a six day class is needed because of time constraints. A six day class requires more pre-class preparation and  staff involvement, but this can be arranged.

Suggested Classes and Prices and
2009 Price Schedule

17' Atkinson Traveler --- $4,800
15' Cheemaun -- $4.100
13' American Beauty -- $3,800

Restoration Classes $2,100 (plus cost of materials) prices subject to change.

Canoe restoration, kits, materials, plans and images.

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