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Plywood and cedar strip canoe plans, books and videos, and hard to find materials.
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Building and Restoration of Wooden and Canvas Canoes
Order wooden and canvas canoes from Northwoods Canoe Company, Maine's premiere wooden canoe manufacturer
Paddle kits and plans, materials, books and videos for the wood canoe enthusiast

For those interested in doing their own canoe work, Northwoods Canoe Company carries a small selection of materials that are very difficult to find. Many of these items are custom made for us and the quality of all materials is guaranteed to be of the highest caliber . If you are not satisfied with any material, please return it for a 100% refund.


White Cedar
Northern white cedar is absolutely the best wood for canoe ribs and planking. Its light weight, strength, flexibility and rot resistance can not be matched by any other wood. Although Maine has vast quantities of white cedar, it is still very difficult to find, select and sort out the knot and defect-free lumber that is required for canoe construction.

The rough stock, ribs and planking offered by Northwoods Canoe Company are from plain sawn lumber, which means most of the pieces will have flat grain patterns. All wood is of the best premium canoe grade.

Northwoods Canoe Company has been able to obtain a treasured amount of quarter sawn white cedar which is available ONLY as pre-cut planking, 3" wide, 5/32" thick, in six to eight foot lengths.

  • Rough Stock - 1" thick boards, 3" to 6" wide, 6' or 8' long: $4.00/bd. ft.
    (Length x Width / 12 = board feet)
  • Pre-Cut Planking Stock - 5/32" thick, 3" wide: $1.75/ft,. 4" wide: $2.25/ft.
  • Pre-Cut Rib Stock - 2 3/8 wide; 5/16' thick, 60" long : $5.00 ea.
  • Quarter sawn Planking Stock - 3" wide: $3.00/ft.

Our canvas is the highest quality, midwest duck. We have a variety of canvasses in different widths, weights and treatments:

  1. Mildew Resistant Canvas. Standard #10 grade, 58" wide, treated to resist mildew. Unlike the old lead-based canvas fillers, modern oil/silica and latex fillers do not protect the canvas from mildew and rot. Fungicides and preservatives applied separately can interfere with the application of the filler. This new type of treated canvas offers long lasting protection from rot and will not shrink away from the rails.
    • Lightweight #12x60" $5.50/ foot
    • Standard #10x60" $6.00/foot
    • Heavy #8x60" $6.75/foot
  2. Untreated Canvas. The canvas that has been used traditionally on canoes. It has not been preshrunk and contains no chemicals.
    • Lightweight #12x60" $5.00/foot
    • Standard #10x60" $5.00/foot
    • Heavy and Wide #6x72" $6.50/foot
    • Heavy and X-Wide #8x84" $7.50/foot

Customizing a wood canoe has never been easier

Canvas FillerCanvas Filler: Northwoods Canoe Company offers the traditional oil-based filler. The traditional alkyd oil and silica-base filler is mixed at the canoe shop. It is a durable filler that has proven performance on thousands of canoes. This filler needs three to six weeks for drying and creates a hard durable surface for enamel finish paint. It can be stored almost indefinitely, at any temperature, but the ingredients will settle over a long time and must be remixed. Instructions for application are included and also are described in The Wood & Canvas Canoe. $72 per gallon. $20 per Qt.

Bedding Compound: Bedding compound is applied under stem bands, keels and other wood joints. It seals joints to prevent water damage and leakage. It remains soft and flexible for many years so the joint may be taken apart later. $20 per 1/2 pint, $40 per pint and $50 per quart.

  Canoe creation supplies and tools.  

Git-Rot: Git-Rot pours into the finest openings, penetrates deep and completely saturates rotten wood arresting the progress of dry rot. Cures in 48 hours to a tough resilient adhesive that bonds the wood together. Good for the tips of the decks, stems and rails that show the first stages of rot but don't yet need to be replaced. 4 oz: $22,  Pint: $38

Ambroid GlueAmbroid Glue: A waterproof liquid cement, flexible and fast drying. It is the traditional glue for canvas repairs and patches. No mixing is required, dries in minutes, and is easy to use at home or in the field. A single 1.8 oz tube is enough to apply several patches 3 or 4 inches in diameter.

Currently unavailable!!!


 Stem Band Pricing :
  4.5 foot prices
  ~ 1-9 pcs. ..... $14/ea
  ~ 10-39 pcs. ..... $11/ea
  ~ 40+ pcs. ..... $10/ea

  6 foot prices
  ~ 1-9 pcs. ..... $18/ea
  ~ 10-39 pcs. ..... $14.30/ea
  ~ 40+ pcs. ..... $13/ea

Stem Bands

Stem Bands Custom made for the Northwoods Canoe Company, the traditional 3/8" wide, oval face, hollow back, solid brass stem band. The bands are good for all types of canoes and small craft either as protection on the stems, keels or for other trim.

Stembands can be predrilled and countersunk for #4 screw 5" o.c.$.50/ft.

Standard Lengths: 4.5 ft., 6 ft., 9 ft.
Note: 9 foot bands are cut to 8 1/2 feet when shipped.
12 foot bands are shipped at cost by general freight.

Tacks, boldts, bronze wood screws and miscellaneous canoe building supplies

Stem Band ScrewsStem band screw pack:

This pack contains enough (plus extra)   bronze #4 screws to fasten a pair of 6' stembands.
25@ 5/8"long and 5@7/8"long.-$4/pack

Carriage BoltsCarriage Bolts Silicon Bronze carriage bolts manufactured to our specifications. These 3/16" bolts (#10/24) are similar to the bolts used by the B.N. Morris, Chestnut and E. M. White canoe companies. Their small diameter makes them perfect for bolting the seats and thwarts to the canoe's inwale. The bolts are 4" long and threaded all the way so that they can be cut for shorter bolts. Comes complete with nut and washer. $1.75/ea, 100 for $125.00

Old Town Style Diamond Head BoltsOld Town Style Diamond Head Bolts This is a brass bolt 7/32 diameter(# 12/24)with a diamond shaped head. This bolt will match historic Old Town Canoes.It comes with a nut. Avaialbe in 4'' and 6''.     4 inch-$8.00 ea. 6inch-$18.00ea. N/A

   Hardware and tools for the experienced canoe builder  

Silicon Bronze WoodscrewsSilicon Bronze Woodscrews We now have a new source for silicon bronze woodscrews manufactured here in the United States to more strict specifications. They are all Flathead (slotted drive) in

  • #8X 1,1/4" .50ea. or $40.00 per100
  • #8X 1,1/2" .56ea. or $42.00 per100
  • #8X 1,3/4" .60ea. or $50.00 per 100
  • #8X 2"  .55ea. or $55.00 per 100

Canoe TacksCanoe Tacks 11/16" tacks for regular canoe construction; 1/2" and 7/8" tacks for light or heavy construction. The tacks are solid brass with an oval head. Approximately 1000 tacks per pound.

  • Half pound $25
  • 1-9 pounds $38/pound
  • 10+ pounds $35/pound
  • We now have a limited quantity of 11/16 copper oval head canoe tacks $48/pound

Bronze Ring NailsBronze Ring Nails 7/8" long, #14 gauge, bronze. Most commonly used to fasten the ribs to the gunwales.  5/8" long, #15 gauge, bronze. Most commonly used to fasten the planks to    


  • by the oz.,$2.00/ounce  (5/8"#15, 62 per oz.)  (7/8"#14, 36 per oz.)
  • 1+ pounds, $28/pound
  • 10 + pounds, $22.00/pound

Wood and canvas canoe supplies and hardware

Stem TacksStem Tacks Small copper tacks for fastening the canvas to the hardwood stem. Length Pieces per oz. Price per oz. Price per lb.
3/8 " 125 $6.00 $60.00
5/16 " 250 $6.50 $70.00
1/4 " 410 $6.50 $70.00


Tools that can help make a better hand-crafted wood canoe.Clinching IronClinching Iron Custom made for the Northwoods Canoe Company, a hand held cast iron clinching iron. The iron can conform to the many different shapes of the canoe's interior without gouging or scratching the wood. The hollow center makes it easy to hold and easy to use. Weight - 3 pounds. $42.

We now offer the clinching iron in bronze. The bronze does not stain moist or wet wood as the cast iron can.  This is normally not a problem as the stain can be sanded off later. In those situations where it could be a problem the bronze is a good alternative. The bronze iron is sanded and polished. It makes an attractive gift even if it never used to clinch tacks. Clinching tacks with it does nick the bronze, however the mass is such that the nicking is not a problem.  Weight - 3lbs.  $110ea.

Tack PullerTack Puller An invaluable tool in any canoe shop is the tack puller. This versatile puller, with two different heads, is well designed for lifting stubborn canoe tacks with minimal damage to the planking and for a wide variety of other applications. I've used and modified many different tack pullers, and this one is my personal favorite. $18.50

  Canvassing Pliers A wide jawed set of vise grip pliers for grabbing the canvas for stretching at the gunnels or at the stem. The rounded edge make for a great fulcrum as you rock it over the inwales.(a small wood button is recommended for padding so you don't marr the rails.). $28.00


Finger PlaneFinger Plane This lightweight 2 1/2" long plane is just right for the delicate trimming on soft cedar ribs and planking. It is easy to use, and its small size makes it invaluable in the canoe shop. $15.50.

  Northwoods Canoe Company: Premiere supplier of wood and canvas canoe.  

Canoe HammerCanoe Hammer This hammer has a much larger head than most lightweight hammers, which makes striking canoe tacks much easier. Its light weight is appreciated when reaching around the canoe to clinch the tacks. 7 ounce head, 12 ounces overall. $15.00

Planking GuagePlanking Gauge Every canoe has many planks that need to be tapered to fit the curve of the hull. This planking gauge is just the ticket to trace an accurate curve onto a new plank. 10 .00




Logo T-Shirt
Original Northwoods Canoe Company T-Shirt The NWCC logo in full color on a heavyweight 100% cotton t-shirt. Suitable for wear while building canoes or testing them out or just wishing you were doing either. Shirt is a yellow gold color; logo is printed in a combination of blues, greens, and browns. Available in adult sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. $15.00 (now avaiable in this color)






  The Northwoods Canoe Co. Poster

   Price: $10.00




Display Stand


Show you canoe or small boat in style with this handsome stand. Currently available in Red Oak and Cherry. Two carriage bolts and wing nuts allow for easy breakdown and assembly. The stand provides a secure and safe rest for your boat while on display. It is at a comfortable height for the perfect visual effect. The main rests are padded and covered in felt to treat your finish gently.(In a hot setting this, as well as most coverings may tend to imprint or stick to a shellac bottom)  We use these exclusively for show and pictures as you may have already seen. Due to popular demand and requests we are now making them available.

 Price: $325.00




All prices are subject to change without notice.

Canoe restoration, kits, materials, plans and images.

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