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Plywood and cedar strip canoe plans, books and videos, and hard to find materials.
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Building and Restoration of Wooden and Canvas Canoes
Order wooden and canvas canoes from Northwoods Canoe Company, Maine's premiere wooden canoe manufacturer
Plans and Kit
Paddle kits and plans, materials, books and videos for the wood canoe enthusiast

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 Canoe Construction Plans

Northwoods Canoe Company offers four different canoe designs for the amateur builder; the 17 1/2 foot Atkinson Traveler, the 15 foot Cheemaun, the 10 foot Whisper and the historic 17 foot B.N. Morris. These construction plans come with full-size paper patterns that eliminate the complicated steps of lofting and mold pattern development. Working carefully from these plans, many amateur builders have built very accurate canoe forms for building their own canoes.

Detailed instructions for building this type of form are given in the book The Wood and Canvas Canoe.

 Construction Plan Prices:
  ~ 17 1/2 foot Atkinson Traveler - $50
  ~ 15 foot Cheemaun - $50
  ~ 10 foot Whisper - $45
  ~ 17 foot Classic B.N. Morris - $60

ALL PLANS ARE FOR AMATEUR USE ONLY. Any use of these plans to construct boats intended for profit are strictly prohibited except by prior written license and royalty agreement.

The B.N. Morris plans offer 3 different styles of construction in one set of plans. Construct this canoe as a Wood Canvas model, an all-wood Rushton style canoe or a modern wood strip and fiberglass canoe.

 Precut Plywood Stations (For Form Construction)

 Precut Station Prices:
  ~ 17 1/2 foot Atkinson Traveler - $375
  ~ 15 foot Cheemaun - $340
  ~ 10 foot Whisper - $295

This package contains all the stations, precut in 3/4" plywood, pre-marked, beveled and ready to be attached to the mold backer. Construction plans and materials list are included.

 Canoe Form Kit

 Canoe Form Kit Prices:
 ~ 17 1/2 foot Atkinson Traveler - $1200
 ~ 15 foot Cheemaun - $1000
  ~ 10 foot Whisper - $800

This kit includes all materials to build a form. Included are construction plans, materials list, pre-cut stations, mold backer marked to receive the stations, pre-milled 3/4" rib-band stock, metal clinching bands, wood fillers, nails, screws and other miscellaneous supplies required to complete a solid form.

 Canoe Kit

 Canoe Kit Prices:
  ~ 17 1/2 foot Atkinson Traveler - $2100
  ~ 15 foot Cheemaun - $1750
  ~ 10 foot Whisper - $1300

This kit contains all the precut materials required to build the canoe. Included are precut white cedar ribs and planking, spruce rails beveled and rabbeted as needed, pre-bent stems, pre-finished caned seats, clinching iron, brass tacks, bronze bolts and stem bands, canvas, canvas filler, varnish and your choice of marine finish paint.

Wooden Canoe Kits and Plans from Northwoods Canoe, Atkinson, MaineCanoe Plans  |  Paddle Plans  |  Price List  |  Order Form

 Paddle Plans

There is much more to the design of an efficient paddle than would appear at first glance. These plans give you all that information plus a seven-page instructional brochure to guide you through each step of its construction. These detailed plans include full-sized patterns for both bow and stern paddles.

Although the North Woods Paddle is an efficient paddle for almost any stroke, it is specifically designed for the North Woods Stroke. We urge paddling enthusiasts to explore this technique.

Plans with Instructional Brochure: $30

 Carving a Paddle

Alexandra Conover guides your through each step in carving a North Woods Paddle, using only sharp hand tools, without the need for expensive power tools. Detailed photos showing design features, a brief history of the paddle, and scaled-down plans are included. This brochure, which comes with Paddle Plans (see above), is also available separately.

This brochure, which comes with the Paddle Plans (above), is also available separately.

Instructional Brochure Only: $5

 Paddling With Ease And Grace

Skilled paddlers like Maine Guides Garrett and Alexandra Conover can propel a loaded traveling canoe with so little apparent movement and such fluid grace that scarcely a ripple hints of the path of the paddle. To the watcher it seems impossible, but these paddlers are using the North Woods Stroke, a traditional technique designed to conserve energy and muscle-power during long days on the water. Once mastered, it allows the canoe, paddle and paddler to blend together in graceful harmony.

NWCC publishes a four-page brochure describing this special stroke, with ample photographs of the full sequence of motions for both bow and stern paddlers, and very detailed text fully explaining every aspect of the stroke.

Although the North Woods Paddle was developed to make the most of this stroke, it can be used very successfully with any traditional paddle.

Paddling With Ease And Grace $5   (sorry this item is out of print)

Canoe restoration, kits, materials, plans and images.

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