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June 23 rd

   Well time slips by again here we are at the summer solstice. "Wintas comin"  More importantly the Autumn comes first time to fish the west branch, and enjoy crisp cool nights. Rollin, Elisa and Steve have been busy in the shop. I come in now and then to disrupt the lot. They have completed the big Voyager. Another two restorations, the last in a string of canoes for a guy in Atlanta, Ga. There was a Penn Yann Swift and a bunch of other assorted restorations. More than a few new canoes including a 9 1/2 foot pack canoe and the Allagash Wilderness Waterway 50th Anniversary Atkinson Traveler, a new Morris and currently working on a 15' Cheemaun. As usual there is ten or more canoes in progress from sponsons to Cheemans going on as we speak and our students plank a way at their deep traveler.

   We all spent some time out of the shop I spent a five days up on Churchill in the Allagash snifing out spring Brookies. Rollin, Elisa, her brother, and another friend of hers, spent a week on the Allagash. They went from Eagle Lake to the village of Allagash.

   Currently there are two gentle men in the shop building a Extra Deep, Atkinson Traveler. Alan and Jim have been here before with their friend Roger. They're building the canoe as a wedding present for Jim's son.


  What's happening in the shop at this very moment. Check it out, and tell us what you think. Click on canoecam and have a look. On the canoecam page below the window for the camera is a 5 day image archive and a daily time-lapse video. You can click on those links and see the days photos and a video compilation of them. You can also check in with our blog and make snyde remarks at canoecamblog

   Now you can view what is going on in the shop any day 8am. til 5pm. EST. Just go to canoecam  You'll also find an archive of pictures from the previous five days and a link to a video compilation of pictures. You can visit our blog and comment on the canoecam at canoecamblog We also have a facebook page now too click on this link NWCCFacebook or search for Northwoods canoe on Facebook and join us in the 21st century.

  You can also view and enjoy videos posted on Youtube. There is one on a canoe building class here in the shop at Canoe Building Class 



  Some new stuff


Nothing like a brand new Morris.


Or a voyager with all the bells and whistles.

    Trips and travelers


Three Travelers go to  South Branch Ponds.



  Rollin and Elisa on the Allagash.

Life in camp rain or shine.

   A new 14' E.M.White










    An old EM White sponson restoration.






    THE END.



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