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Plywood and cedar strip canoe plans, books and videos, and hard to find materials.
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Building and Restoration of Wooden and Canvas Canoes
Order wooden and canvas canoes from Northwoods Canoe Company, Maine's premiere wooden canoe manufacturer
Paddle kits and plans, materials, books and videos for the wood canoe enthusiast

Northwoods Canoe Company repairs and restores a wide variety of wooden craft. Rollin's unique background, combining formal training with years of experience and teaching at the Wooden Boat School, allows him to specialize in restoration. He has worked on Rangely and Adirondack Guide Boats, Rushton and Peterborough wood strip/plank canoes, and square-stern, "V"stern and sponson boats/canoes, as well as all varieties of wood/canvas canoes. No matter what condition your boat is in, NWCC can repair it or even custom build a reproduction to replace it.

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"Given one rib, I could build a
canoe around it - that's no problem."

-Rollin Thurlow, The Wood & Canvas Canoe
All repairs and restorations are guaranteed to equal or exceed the quality of the original craft. Great care is taken to ensure that the original woodworking style and detail is reproduced throughout the boat. An old canoe hull cannot be made "new" but with proper restoration techniques it can be made useful for over 75% of all canoeing requirements and will last for generations to come.

Following restoration, all canoes are completely treated with a special combination of oils and preservatives to ensure the most durable and flexible hull possible, while keeping water absorption to an absolute minimum.

"Wow! What a lot of work, care, love
and patience you have given my dear
old friend...I thank you for doing a
beautiful restoration on my Old Town canoe."
-Mrs. Jeri Quick; Bonita Springs, Florida

Each canoe has its own individual characteristics and there are no standard prices. Price estimates cannot be given until the canoe is inspected in the shop; prices are subject to change once it is takenapart and the true condition is determined. Receiving and delivery of the canoe can be arranged by general freight. Boats can be stored at the shop until they are worked on. A $300 deposit is required and the balance is due upon the boat's completion.

All boats are worked on in the order which the deposit is recieved. Currently completions are running approximately 24 months from the date of deposit.

Canoe restoration, kits, materials, plans and images.

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