Back in the shop!

Go Red Sox!

It seems like ages since we’ve all been here!

Rollin took a nice vacation(for the first time in five years), we flitted from the WCHA assembly in New York to the WoodenBoat School in Brooklin, Maine, and now we’re all back home, ready to take on our projects. Three restoration projects and two new canoes have been waiting for our attention, there was filler to be made (as always), extra materials from classes to be put away, and on top of that, some of us haven’t even gone paddling yet this summer! We celebrated the season, though, with a shop trip to Fenway Park.

We have a 16-foot Medford Explorer in the shop, being built for Mr. Johnson. Peter installed rails for it and it should get its last coat of paint tonight.


Mr. O’Hara’s Chestnut needed a lot of attention to rib tops, rail ends, and stem tops. These are the most common repairs we undertake. A combination of glue and splicing makes the rib tops strong to carry the inner and outer gunwales.

The stem receives a splice and an inner laminate, both made of ash, to solidify the part of the stem that meets the deck.

We can splice the gunwale, as well, matching wood and grain. But sometimes, we simply have to replace the whole thing.


We said goodbye to many canoes at the beginning of the summer, their owners eager to get them on the water:

And now I’d better get back to that long-neglected sanding…

Happy summer from the shop!