Happy New Year from the Shop!

Gail D’Agostino sanding Rollin’s Atkinson Traveler

For the new year, we have a new face at Northwoods Canoe. Gail D’Agostino has joined the ranks and we’re happy to have her – she’s already sanding boats!

The projects in the shop are many and varied. They’ve been keeping us busy in the odd moments we find between shoveling snow.

Mr. Bateman’s square-stern canoe is coming along, with new oak inner gunwales and a new oak keelson. Rollin and Gail bent some new ribs for the canoe as well.

We’ve lowered a form for a new boat this week: Mr. Kaufman’s American Beauty. We hope to get ribs bent this afternoon!



Rollin installing a brand new keel

Also in the shop is the Thum Brothers’ boat, a deep Old Town canoe made custom for the Thums. After this restoration, we hope it will see many more long canoe trips into the wilds of Canada!