11′ Skimmer


About the Skimmer

The Skimmer is built in three different style as described below. The most popular version is the  Wood /canvas version.  All the hull shapes are the same and have the same characteristics but each has its own visual quality, a little different weight and durability.

Wood-and-Canvas Model
A lightweight, solo sport canoe, ideally suited for just messing around. Its shallow arched bottom makes it a very maneuverable boat with good tracking ability. A comfortable canoe to practice your paddling skills, to use for private exploring or as a child’s canoe.

Most often it is paddled seated with a kayak paddle, but more skilled paddlers can kneel or use the low seat.

Kayak Model
The Skimmer is also available as a modified kayak, with a wood frame and canvas cover fitted over the top of the hull. A generous four-foot cockpit opening makes for easy entry and exit. With or without the kayak covering, the boat is easily maneuverable by either a single canoe paddle or the popular double-bladed kayak paddle.

All-Wood Model
In the tradition of the historic and popular Wee-Lassie canoes, I have designed a method for building a traditional all-wood lapstrake canoe from the Skimmer form. This building method is unusual and results in a very handsome and pleasant lapstrake canoe that weighs only 29 pounds. The vertical-sawn white cedar planking is 7/32″ thick and is fastened to the 1/4″ ash ribs with brass clinch nails. A mahogany or cherry sheer plank may be used to accent the sheer line. The cedar floor rack and back rest make it comfortable to sit and use a double-bladed paddle.



  • Length ……….. 11 feet, 2 inches
  • Depth ………… 11¼ inches
  • Beam …………. 29½ inches
  • Bow Height … 17 inches
  • Weight, Wood/Canvas … 32 lbs
  • Weight, All Wood ……….. 29 lbs
  • Weight, Kayak……………… 38 lbs


Wood-Canvas Model … $3800
Kayak Model ……………. $4500
All-wood Model ……….. $5100

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