Stem Bands — Custom-made for the Northwoods Canoe Company. These are the traditional 3/8″ wide, oval face, hollow back, solid brass stem bands. The bands are good for all types of canoes and small craft either as protection on the stems, keels or for other trim.

Stembands can be pre-drilled and countersunk for a #4 screw. The holes are 5″ apart on center.

Pre-drilling adds $1.00/ft.

Standard lengths are 4.5-foot, 6-foot, 9-foot.
The 9-foot bands are cut to 8½ feet when shipped.

  • 4.5-foot long stem bands
    • 1-9 pieces…………………. $22 ea.
    • 10-39 pieces……………… $19 ea.
    • 40 or more pieces………. $18 ea.
  • 6-foot long stem bands
    • 1-9 pieces…………………. $28 ea.
    • 10-39 pieces……………… $24 ea.
    • 40 or more pieces……….$22 ea.


Stem band screw pack — This pack contains enough (plus extra) bronze #4 screws to fasten a pair of 6-foot stembands. The 5/8″-long screws are good for most cases, but a few 7/8″-long screws are included for places where an extra grip is needed.      (25 @ ⅝” long and 5 @ ⅞” long- per pack)     $4.50 per pack

Carriage Bolts — Silicon Bronze carriage bolts manufactured to our custom specifications. These 3/16″ bolts (#10/24) are similar to the bolts used by the B.N. Morris, Chestnut and E. M. White canoe companies. Their small diameter makes them perfect for bolting the seats and thwarts to the canoe’s inwale. The bolts are 4″ long and threaded all the way so that they can be cut for shorter bolts. Comes complete with nut and washer.     $3 each, 100 for $175

Old Town Style Diamond Head Bolts — This is a brass bolt, 7/32″ diameter(#12/24) with a diamond-shaped head. This bolt will match those in historic Old Town Canoes. Available only in 4′ long. Nut included.  Good News- The new order of diamond headed boats are now available. $5.50 ea

Silicon Bronze Wood Screws — We now have a new source for silicon bronze wood screws manufactured here in the United States to more strict specifications than the common imported screws. They are all flat-head (slotted drive) in the following sizes:

  • #8 x 1,1/4″ $0.55 ea. or $45 per 100
  • #8 x 1,1/2″ $0.60 ea. or $55 per 100
  • #8 x 1,3/4″ $0.68 ea. or $58 per 100
  • #8 x 2″  $0.70 ea. or $65 per 100

Canoe Tacks — 11/16″ tacks for regular canoe construction; 1/2″ and 7/8″ tacks for light or heavy construction. The tacks are solid brass with an oval head. These American-made tacks are manufactured on machines that were designed at the turn of the past century and they’re still pounding out these high-quality tacks!

1/2″ canoe tacks- approx. 1400 tacks per lb.   11/16″ canoe tacks-approx. 1200 tacks per lb.    7/8″ canoe tacks- approx. 1000tacks per lb.

Copper canoe tacks are recommended for those boats being used in the slat water

  • Half-pound: $38
  • 1-9 pounds: $72 per pound
  • 10+ pounds: $68 per pound
  • 11/16″ copper oval-head canoe tacks (LIMITED): $80/pound, $45/half-pound

Bronze Ring Nails
⅞” long, #14 gauge, bronze. Most commonly used to fasten the ribs to the gunwales. (36 pcs/oz.)
⅝” long, #15 gauge, bronze. Most commonly used to fasten the planking to the  hardwood stems. (62 pcs/oz.)

  • By the ounce: $3 per ounce
  • 1+ pounds: $32 per pound

Stem Tacks — Small copper tacks for fastening the canvas to the hardwood stem. Using large tacks or the standard canoe tacks to fasten the planking to the face of the stem will cause large splits in the face of the stem, which is why you want to use the smaller copper tacks!  Most canoes will only need 2 to 3 ounces of the small tacks.

Length Pieces/oz Price/oz Price/lb
3/8″ 125 $7.00 $85.00
5/16″ 250 $7.50 $90.00
1/4″ 410 $7.50 $90.00