15′ B.N. Morris

15′ B.N. Morris


About the Historic B.N. Morris

B.N. Morris built canoes in Veazie, Maine from the 1880’s to 1920. His canoes are considered to be some of the finest wooden canoes ever built. No Morris forms survived the  1920 fire that destroyed the canoe factory.  After finding an original 15-foot Morris at the Adirondack Museum, a customer commissioned me to recreate this lovely canoe. As with the other reproductions that I build, I go to great lengths to faithfully reproduce the canoe just as B. N. Morris would have built it.

The Type 1 canoes have  short decks and spruce inside rails, and mahogany outside rails, deck and seat frames. All the seats are hand-caned. To aid in lifting the canoe and for tying the boat down, small mahogany hand thwarts are added just aft of the decks. The seats can be arranged for the tandem or the solo paddlers.

The Type 3 model, like the 17-foot Morris model, is finished off with mahogany extended decks, floor rack, oak keel and  outside stems.



15′ B.N. Morris

  • Length……… 15 ft
  • Width……… 30 1/2″
  • Depth………. 12 1/2″
  • Bow Height….. 25″
  • Weight……… 60 lbs

Model “A” Type III, $4900
Mohogany trim and rails and two-tone paint
Model “A” Type I, $3900
Short decks, spruce rails, no floor racks and single color

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