Summer is here!

It’s warming up at last in central Maine, which means it’s time to go canoeing. Well, maybe for you!

With the canoeing season in full swing, the shop is busy, busy, busy. Rollin and Elisa have just returned from a successful week-long course at the WoodenBoat School in Brooklin, ME. We built three different canoes with a group of 12 students and sent each boat off with a lucky winner! Now that we are back from the ocean, we can concentrate on shop projects.

You’ll notice it’s Morris heaven right now in the shop: we have a new Morris being built and on the other side of the shop, a Morris in the middle of the restoration process. And yes, that’s the skeleton of B.N. Morris keeping watch and making sure we’re doing things right.

We’ve been lucky to have the whole crew in the shop this week, including one shop helper whom we only see when he’s visiting his grandfather, but he catches on quick!


Now that winter and mud season are over, we can look back with nostalgia at what we were up to before the weather got hot:

Happy paddling!